The most flexible, efficient plastic bulk packaging system available


Stack the ALPAL up to 6 high and optimise any warehouse / storage area


An empty return ratio of 5:1 minimises transport costs significantly, contributing to efficiency and sustainability


Built to last with a proven 10+ year lifespan, ALPAL is designed to accommodate any storage, handling and transport demands


ALPAL assembles and disassembles in under 60 seconds, saving you time and money

Light Weight

Weighing up to 30% less than some alternatives, ALPAL maximizes payloads and increases profits

Internationally recognised for Efficiency & Reliability

ALPAL is designed to combine only the best features of a pallet, FIBC & IBC into the most flexible, efficient plastic bulk packaging system available.

ALPAL is a plastic alternative that eliminates contamination risks caused by wood or corrugated cardboard of IBCs and palletainers.

Its unique ability to stack and collapse makes it the most efficient and cost effective bulk packaging solution.

  • Over 15 years of proven industry benefit for storing, handling and transporting of dry and liquid products.
  • Widely used in USA, Australia, New Zealand, France and throughout Europe.
  • Over 82 500 ALPALs in active use internationally today.
  • Sustainable investment with a proven 10+ year lifespan in the vegetable seed industry.
The stack-ability of the ALPAL bulk packaging system


Our vision was to create a bulk packaging system featuring only the positive aspects of FIBC’s, rigid IBC’s and traditional pallets. After a 5-year development process, the ALPAL bulk packaging system came to life, offering unmatched stacking capabilities, a 5:1 empty return ratio due to its collapsibility, whilst maximising payloads due to its lightweight construction.

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Map showing where the ALPAL Bulk Packaging System is in circulation