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Revolutionary bulk packaging solutions for a modern world.

In 2001, ALPAL was founded after a real need was identified for bulk packaging solutions that offered a combination of efficiency, reliability, sustainability and innovation. After careful research and development, ALPAL was able to harness the best of FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers),
merging them into a single, revolutionary packaging system. Today, the result is a re-usable packaging solution that matches the stackability and warehouse utilization of conventional fixed wall IBCs, but simultaneously offers flat packing to an empty return ratio of 5:1. It's this engineering genius that sets ALPAL a cut above the rest. With over 15 years of global success across Europe and the USA, ALPAL
continuously innovates to provide clients with a value-driven, sustainable bulk storage solution that transforms supply chains.


Professionals Who Make a Difference


Zane Azalos

Chief Executive Officer

Zane Aszalos was a founding member of ALPAL. With over 20 years global experience in product and business development, his wealth of knowledge extends to expertise in bulk packaging, materials handling and logistics. As an integral part of driving the vision and mission of ALPAL, he is also the current CEO of Almar Packaging.

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