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We Box Smart.

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Stack ‘em, pack ’em and collapse ‘em

ALPAL is a revolutionary bulk packaging solution that is highly stackable, easily collapsible and designed to fully optimize both your storage space and return transport logistics. Its innovative design and unique features offer unmatched efficiency benefits.  

ALPAL’s unrivaled stackable features mean you get up to 3x more product space availability inside your warehouse, optimizing previously unused vertical or “air” space. By stacking up to 6-tiers with a zero-bulge guarantee, ALPAL has set the trend in contemporary storage offerings, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure investment.  

With ALPAL’s complete collapsibility and standard dimensions, empty storage becomes neater, uncluttered, and easier to manage. Additionally, unlike traditional packaging, ALPALs are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, providing storage flexibility and freeing up valuable indoor storage space.  

Over and above the warehousing benefits, ALPAL maximizes return transport efficiencies. The unit’s 5-1 empty return ratio minimizes empty transport costs and reduces environmental impacts. Now you can utilize reusable packaging solutions, without needing to transport fresh air due to their poor return ratios or inability to collapse altogether. With a capacity of 251 empty ALPALS per 40' HC container, ALPAL offers unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness, boosting logistics operations. Take trucks off the roads and ships off the seas- save money, time and precious resources.  

The real beauty of ALPAL’s efficiency is in its design. Bulk packaging solutions that have the strength and stability to securely stack generally can’t collapse. Whilst packaging solutions that can collapse, lack the strength to stack more than three units high. ALPAL is seamlessly capable of both. Even outperforming competitors who have a singular focus on either stackability (stack height) or collapsibility (return ratio). This means that ALPAL users can maximize BOTH return transport and storage efficiencies. Doing so with an innovative pallet and bulk packaging solution in one.

This is what we call the ALPAL difference.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with ALPAL

Today, ALPAL is cutting carbon emissions, saving water, preserving scarce resources, and conserving utility power. And it is doing so for the good of society and the planet.

As a durable and long-lasting packaging solution, the ALPAL is a cut above the rest. And we can prove it! Our scientifically calculated environmental footprint and climate change impact comparisons show that carbon neutrality and zero waste to landfill are dreams that can become a reality with ALPAL.

As a 100% recyclable and reusable intermediate bulk container (IBC), ALPAL saves trees from being cut down to produce single use corrugated or wood boxes. The extensive useful life of an ALPAL means land resources are protected from constant pressure to provide raw material inputs. Exponentially shrinking the packaging carbon footprint.

Join the truly circular economy.

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Pieced together for peace of mind

One of the most defining characteristics of ALPAL is its ingenious design. Our expert engineers labored to create a packaging solution that ensures both absolute immunity to product damage and unequivocable operational health and safety. 

The smooth ALPAL pallet base, rigid plastic components and sterile steel uprights prevent any contamination risk because of damp, pest infestation or compromised packaging integrity. Additionally, the unit is quick and easy to clean- keeping your packaging in pristine condition at all times.

The interlocking stack functionality and uncompromisable strength of the steel uprights means ALPAL can achieve an unmatched stable stack height of six units. Eliminate the risk of stack collapses- protecting both your product and invaluable employees.

Rest assured that with ALPAL your product is safe, secure, and free from damage anytime, anywhere. Whether in storage or transport, you can be confident that we've got you covered.

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Cutting-edge packaging, going even further

ALPAL is well positioned to be the smartest packaging unit of its kind. Our ‘smart box’ can provide real-time supply chain visibility when equipped with data capturing, transmitting and interpreting devices. Garner control of your packaging fleet and know where your units are, who has them, how old they are and how they’ve performed.

ALPAL’s industry-leading design means the assembly and disassembly of the unit can be easily and affordably automated. Use your labour where it counts most and stop wasting time on unnecessary packaging handling.

Start your investment in future-proofing your business today. Think ALPAL.

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