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Leading the future of packaging

We Box Smart.

You can count on us for:

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with ALPAL

As a durable and long-lasting packaging solution, the ALPAL is a cut above the rest. And we can prove it! Our scientifically calculated environmental footprint and climate change impact comparisons show that carbon neutrality and zero waste to landfill are dreams that can become a reality with the ALPAL. Join the circular economy.

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Pieced together for peace of mind

ALPALS are carefully engineered to keep your products safe, secure and free from damage anytime, anywhere. Whether in storage or transport, you can be confident that we've got you covered.

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Cutting-edge packaging, going even further

ALPAL, with its industry leading design, is well positioned to be the smartest packaging unit of its kind. Our ‘smart box’ can provide real-time supply chain visibility and automation potential when equipped with data capturing, transmitting and interpreting devices. It is a packaging solution that has the potential to truly transform your business.

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